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We founded Square Knot Brewing with two goals: To consistently brew exceptional beers and build community ties in the town we grew up in and love. Giving back to the community where we live is nothing new for the Owners of Square Knot Brewing. Paul and Nate have understood the value of being active in the community and contributing positively to the community we call home. They are members of many organizations including veteran organizations and community minded organizations. Square Knot Brewing will strive to contribute 1% of our annual revenues to charitable organizations. Paul and Nate are both native to Canandaigua, Square Knot Brewing is a Veteran Owned Small Business, Independent Craft Brewery in the Chosen Spot of the Finger Lakes. Square Knot Brewing will be you chosen spot for craft beers. Contact ahead of time through our booking form to book private parties and keg orders.


What separates our brew pub from a normal pub? Our onsite microbrewery is the standout feature, producing a range of classic and craft beers straight from the heart of our staff. Beer brings people together; we believe with better beer, people have a better time. We want as many people as possible to share in the fun. There’s a great number of craft breweries worldwide and thankfully more opening almost daily. Even while utilizing only the four main ingredients, these breweries make an astonishingly wide variety of ales and lagers, all with a unique house flavor. Square Knot is no different. Even with the wide variety of styles we brew, our Craft Beers will always taste like Square Knots own. Using sound techniques, the finest ingredients and innovation, we strive to make the best and most memorable beers—Making us the Chosen Spot For Craft Beer.

Our brew pub

We feel that our brew pub is a special place, combining the laid-back social atmosphere of traditional pubs with the creativity and innovation of the craft beer scene. Customers can taste their way through a great selection of craft and classic beers in a trendy atmosphere, or simply pop in for a pint of their favorite brew. Our pub is a great place to hang out, so bring some pals and explore our beer menu!

Paul Newhook- Owner/ Brewer

Paul grew up in Canandaigua, graduated from Canandaigua Academy and has family ties to Canandaigua and the Finger Lakes region. Paul Served as a Combat Medic and instructor in the U.S. Army, returning to Canandaigua to raise his family. Paul earned several awards including the Audie Murphy Award and nominated into the New York State Veterans Hall of Fame. He has three children, two boys and a girl, the oldest of which is a Navy Seal.( Causes much debate during a December Football game, GO ARMY!) Paul completed his higher education while in the Military, Attending American Military University and Eastern Kentucky University, with Degrees in Emergency Management. Paul served as a Career Fire Fighter rising to the rank of Assistant Chief. He is heavily involved in volunteering, community sports, and veterans’ organizations. Has a long background in leadership and educating both in the fire service as well as the Military.


Beer has played an important role in the development of this country. In 1609 America's first "help wanted" ad, appeared in a London newspaper, seeking brewers to come to Virginia. The Mayflower stopped at Plymouth Rock instead of continuing on to Virginia as originally planned because of a severe shortage of supplies. As one passenger noted in his diary, "We could not take time for further search or consideration, our victuals being much spent, especially our beer." William Penn erected a brew house on his estate in 1683, and served beer widely, even using it To promote temperance among the Natives. In 1816, Thomas Jefferson discussed beer in a letter to a friend, writing: "I wish to see this beverage become more common." It has. By 1880 there were 2,272 breweries in America, many of them brewpubs. The city of Boston had over 200 breweries itself and there were almost 100 small breweries in the State of Wisconsin devoted solely to brewing wheat beer. The decline of the breweries began in 1892 when the "cork crown" was patented. Beer could now be bottled and shipped reliably, and by 1910 only 1,568 breweries remained. The decline continued with Prohibition, and by 1930 there were only 231 operating breweries. They had survived Prohibition by producing a variety of non‐alcoholic products. Upon repeal of Prohibition, thirty‐eight States (including Michigan) adopted the 3‐tier distribution system (manufacturer-distributor‐ retailer), making it illegal for the manufacturer to also be the retailer. The brewpub became history. The decline culminated in the early 1970’s when, through industry consolidation and changing consumer tastes, there were less than 50 breweries in the United States. In the 1970’s, a micro brewing revolution began in America. In 1982 the legislature in the state of Washington approved a bill allowing a brewery to sell beer directly to the customer in a restaurant environment; the brewpub was reborn. Laws in other states were soon updated. Now, from California to Maine, Michigan to Mississippi, small scale "microbreweries" and "brewpubs" are reviving a cherished and historic tradition, the brewing of specialty beers. In 1983 there were 12 microbreweries and brewpubs, 29 by 1985, 171 by 1989, and 382 at the end of 1993. At the end of September 2015 the Brewers Association reported over 4,000 active breweries in the U.S., a milestone in the history of local American brewing. New York and the Finger Lakes Region boasts 75+ breweries. This has contributing wages and a large economic impact to the state and region. At Square Knot Brewing we will source 60% of our premium ingredients from New York State. Helping a new generation of consumers to discover the taste and sensation of drinking fresh beer. In the process rejuvenating a great American tradition, the brewpub and your "chosen spot for Craft Beers."



Parking available
Wheelchair accessible
Accept debit/credit cards
Wifi on the premises
Bike parking available
Dogs welcome
Food Available
Party/ Social gathering by reservation
Bus and tours welcome

Price List


Prusick PB Porter A Frayed Knot IPA Red Boathouse British Brown


Local Finger Lakes Wine, vendor and pricing to be announced soon.

Craft Cocktails


Square Knot Mule- Ginger Beer, lime juice, and local distilled vodka. (all Finger Lakes produced) Belay Blue Knot- Local Vodka, lemonade, and Blue Curacao

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St Patrick's Week

March 14 through March 17 we will be celebrating St. Patricks day in style. $1 off Irish red pints and many prizes and Irish St Patricks swag. Stop by for music great craft beers and fun.